Heinz's Ski and Snowboard Shop
610 Enfield Street, Route 5
Enfield, CT 06082

Heinz sold his ski shop and the new owners have not purchased this domain or website.  So, this is your lucky day if you want to open or already have a sporting goods store in CT or Western MA.  You can buy this domain and website and immediately get traffic (customers) in your store.  The domain is 4 years old, it at the bottom of Page #1 for "Ski Shop in CT" and it is registered with Google, Bing and Alexa.  During peak season it gets more than 20 visitors a day and even in the late summer offseason gets 6 visitors a day.  If you buy this domain, you can forward it to your present website or I can redesign it for you at a very reasonable price!  For more information, please contact CIT Services LLC in Enfield CT.

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